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Hannibal Sobriety Group
1995 Industrial Valley Park Road
Hannibal, MO

All meetings NS.
All meetings are open.

Sunday Noon, 
Sunday 8:00 PM, 
Monday Noon,  Beginner’s meeting
Monday 8:00 PM,  Big Book Study
Tuesday Noon,  12x12 Study
Tuesday 5:00 PM Early Bird Meeting
Tuesday 8:00 PM,  Living Sober
Wednesday Noon,  Big Book Study
Wednesday 8:00 PM 
Thursday Noon, “As Bill Sees It”
Thursday 6:00PM Women’s Meeting
Thursday 8:00 PM, 12x12 Study
Friday Noon, 
Friday 8:00 PM,
(Speaker Meeting 3rd Friday of the month)
Saturday Noon, 
Saturday 8:00 PM Campfire Meeting weather permitting
(Birthday last Saturday of the month,  Carry-In 7:00PM, Birthday Meeting 8:00PM) 
Contact: Dave M.  (573)221-7727
                Cell  (309)648-4545
Meeting is held at the First Christian Church
1101 Broadway
Wednesday 8:00 PM
Contact: Pat (573) 248-6410


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